Best tire brushes: Easily and efficiently clean your tires

by | Jan 4, 2023

best tire brushes

When it comes to car care, your tires are possibly the most neglected component on your vehicle. If you’ve never spent any time cleaning or scrubbing your tires, you’re not alone. Most car owners often don’t give their tires a second thought when they’re washing or detailing their car. But, as you can imagine, your tires are more than likely one of the dirtiest parts of your car and all that dirt, grime, and brake dust can potentially damage your tires.

If you want to start protecting and caring for your tires, an easy and affordable first step is purchasing a tire brush. Don’t go out and get just any tire brush though, as you do want one that will last you more than a few washes. Cheaper don’t have high quality bristles that work to get all that dirt and grime off your tires. Others are just poorly designed and are uncomfortable to hold and use.

Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best that are not only effective, but ergonomic and comfortable to hold. Overall, they’re all fairly similar in quality and performance, so choosing one may come down to price and personal preference. In other words, you really can’t go wrong with any of these.

1. Top pick: Chemical Guys curved tire brush


  • Curved design provides better coverage
  • Comfortable rubber grip handle


  • Short handle isn’t ideal for everyone
  • Not the best for low profile tires

I’m personally a fan of Chemical Guys’ products and find them to be of good quality at a competitive price. The company’s curved tire brush is one of the more affordable options out there and features a nice curve to help you get more coverage on your tire. The bristles are stiff, but they shouldn’t scratch or damage your wheel so long as you’re scrubbing with care. I personally find the handle comfortable to use, although some users do complain that it’s a bit short.

The bristles on this tire brush are made from premium PVC with nylon bristles that are chemical resistant. The brush head measures 7″ by 4″, which may be too large if you run low profile tires, so keep that in mind.

2. Runner-up: Mothers tire brush


  • Extremely affordable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Protective rubber bumper


  • Very stiff bristles, so be careful near the wheels
  • Some may find the handle to be too short

One of the oldest and most trusted names in the car care industry, Mothers’ tire brush is a favorite amongst car enthusiasts. It’s also one of the most affordable out there and despite its price tag, it doesn’t lack in quality. There’s a lot to like about this tire brush, but one standout feature is the protective rubberized bumper so you don’t accidentally hit and damage your wheels while cleaning your tires.

This brush does have very stiff bristles, so you’ll want to be a bit more careful when using it near your wheels. If you have aftermarket wheels, there’s a possibility it could scratch them if you aren’t careful. One of the biggest complaints from users for this brush is its short handle, which is a legitimate issue. Depending on the size of your hands and the tires you’re cleaning, this brush could get uncomfortable to use.

3. Premium pick: Adam’s tire brush


  • Rubber edges protect from accidental bumps
  • Tough, stiff bristles


  • High price
  • Handle gets very slippery when wet

If you don’t have any issues spending a few extra bucks on a tire brush, I highly recommend this option from Adam’s Polishes. The company is known for its high-quality car care products, and this brush is no exception. Like our recommendation from Mothers, Adam’s tire brush also has rubber edges to protect from accidental bumps. The bristles are tough and stiff, but not too stiff that they can scratch your wheels. To me, they’re just the right level of stiffness to make it easy to scrub all that dirt off your tires.

The biggest complaint with Adam’s tire brush is its handle. It can get really slippery once it’s wet, which is going to likely be all the time while you’re cleaning the tires. Otherwise, I find this brush to be one of the best to use, but it does come at a price.

4. Also consider: 303 Products tire brush


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Coarse bristles preferred by some


  • White bristles mean the brush will look dirty after a few uses
  • Smaller than it appears
  • Plain design

My final recommendation for comes from 303 Products, another well-known brand for cleaning supplies. While this brush does look very plain compared to our other recommendations, it’s a solid choice with an affordable price. Just be aware that it is smaller than it looks in the images.

This brush features a comfortable and ergonomic design, with coarse bristles that could be preferable if you aren’t a fan of the stiff bristles found on our other recommendations. It may not matter to most owners, but the white bristles on this brush make it basically look permanently dirty after a few uses. It’s an odd color choice for a tire brush, but maybe that’s why it has such an affordable price tag.

Why do you need to clean your tires?

Tires get dirty, really dirty. Even though they’re full of rubber conditioners and UV absorbers to protect them, long-term neglect can cause your tires to look brown and make them more susceptible to damage.

How often should I clean my tires?

You don’t have to clean your tires every time you wash your car — unless you only wash your car once every couple months — but you should give them a thorough wash and scrub at least monthly. The longer you wait, the harder they will be to clean. This could also mean using harsh chemicals that can potentially damage your tires.

Should I use tire cleaner?

Absolutely! Just make sure you get a quality tire cleaner that isn’t too harsh and is designed to work on automotive tires. You don’t want to go and ruin your tires while you’re cleaning them.

Can I use my tire brush on something else?

You can also use your tire brush to detail your interior, just make sure the brush is thoroughly washed before doing so. We wouldn’t recommend using a tire brush to clean your wheels, as the stiff bristles could potentially scratch them. Get yourself an actual wheel brush to make cleaning your wheels easier.

How do I care for my tire brush?

Even though they’re relatively affordable, you still want to make sure your tire brush lasts. After you use it, rinse the brush off to ensure no soap or tire cleaner is left on it. Afterwards, let the bristles completely dry before storing it away in a cool and dry place. If you purchased one of the that has a hole in the handle, feel free to hang it up in your garage.

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